Sands Regency Hotel in Reno, NV
Reno, Nevada, home to the largest cribbage tournament in the United States. Next year's festivities are scheduled for March 2-3-4, 2018!
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National Cribbage Day - Feb. 10th!

The American Cribbage Congress is happy to announce that Sir John Suckling's birthday is now officially (cue the drum roll) National Cribbage Day (cue the fireworks). From now on and henceforth forevermore, February 10 will be celebrated every year as National Cribbage Day. Take the day to celebrate, take time off work, be with family, make a cake, organize a local parade, but most of all play cribbage! Club directors: this would be a great way to advertise your club. A press release is available on the Grass Roots website.

Just fill in your club info and email it to your local newspapers, radio stations, or TV stations. Send it out to players who haven't attended your club this season but have in the past. The best way to get new players is to spread the word about cribbage, so spread the word! Happy Cribbage Day! And Happy Birthday, Sir John!

--From Cribbage World, Vol.38 No.2, Feb. 2017

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