Sands Regency Hotel in Reno, NV
Reno, Nevada, home to the largest cribbage tournament in the United States. Next year's festivities are scheduled for March 2-3-4, 2018!
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Are you ready for International Cribbage Day on Feb. 10th?

Get ready to celebrate our favorite game! There are a lot of ways to celebrate, online and in person:

- Reach out to your local grass roots director or tournament director to learn about how they are planning to celebrate

- Join us on for a series of special tournaments all day long

- Enter the "Cribbage Meme" contest. Create a fun cribbage or International Cribbage Day meme, and post it to your Facebook profile with the hashtag #cribbageday There will be a special prize for the meme that has the most likes and shares.

- Enter the poetry contest. Write a happy birthday poem to Sir John Suckling or his game, and send the poem by Feb. 10th to A special prize goes to the best poem.

- Go to a bar or restaurant with a friend and break out the cribbage board. Tell people about the game, and about the ACC!

Send photos of your celebration to and/or post them to the ACC Facebook group. Let's have a great time!

Cribbage in the news!

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Do you love playing cards? Meeting new people? Having a great time with friends? If so, then the ACC is the place for you! Compete in Cribbage Tournaments all over North America or join a Local Club for a friendly game during the week.

Intrigued? Explore the pages of the ACC Website or Contact Us to find out more.

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