ACC Internet Cribbage

Tournament Winners 2017-2018

(Updated 11/15/2017)

ACC Internet Tournament Winners:

8/1/2017 Non-ACC Player
8/2/2017 William MacMillan
8/3/2017 Nancy Roncetti
8/6/2017 John A. Kern
8/7/2017 Larry Hatch
8/7/2017 Jim Correa
8/8/2017 Larry Hatch
8/9/2017 Monica Newton
8/10/2017 Brad Saunders
8/13/2017 Gary Brandt
8/14/2017 Scott Milo
8/14/2017 William MacMillan
8/15/2017 Non-ACC Player
8/16/2017 Richard Ortado
8/17/2017 Ronald E. Boule'
8/20/2017 Davis Bute
8/21/2017 Mike Rosenstock
8/21/2017 W. Joe Clarke
8/22/2017 Non-ACC Player
8/23/2017 Non-ACC Player
8/24/2017 John Schafer
8/27/2017 Mike Rosenstock
8/28/2017 Gerald Carthy
8/28/2017 Non-ACC Player
8/29/2017 Dennis L. Gelbmann
8/30/2017 Gerald D. Oxford
8/31/2017 Non-ACC Player

9/3/2017 Monica Newton
9/4/2017 Joe Holman
9/4/2017 John A. Kern
9/5/2017 Don Grumpy Howard
9/6/2017 Non-ACC Player
9/7/2017 John A. Kern
9/11/2017 Daniel Crete
9/11/2017 George R. Lanning
9/12/2017 Non-ACC Player
9/13/2017 Non-ACC Player
9/14/2017 Ronald E. Boule'
9/17/2017 John A. Kern
9/18/2017 Debra L. Moulies
9/18/2017 Sue Edwards
9/19/2017 Non-ACC Player
9/20/2017 Richard Shea
9/21/2017 Jim Maffa
9/24/2017 Michael Kopp
9/25/2017 Robert A. Read
9/25/2017 Debra Lucas
9/26/2017 Daniel Crete
9/27/2017 Non-ACC Player
9/28/2017 Mike Rosenstock

10/2/2017 Ronald James
10/2/2017 George R. Lanning
10/3/2017 Non-ACC Player
10/4/2017 W. Joe Clarke
10/5/2017 Bernard Whitfield
10/8/2017 Adrian Levy
10/9/2017 Kelly Ann Burgar
10/9/2017 Bob Bousquet Sr.
10/10/2017 Kurt Ocker
10/11/2017 Non-ACC Player
10/12/2017 James H. Morrow
10/15/2017 George R. Lanning
10/16/2017 Tammy Gibbons
10/16/2017 Non-ACC Player
10/17/2017 Non-ACC Player
10/18/2017 Monica Newton
10/19/2017 John Dellarsina
10/22/2017 Sam Sinram
10/23/2017 Jim Correa
10/23/2017 Clay Collier
10/24/2017 Non-ACC Player
10/25/2017 Pat Liegl
10/26/2017 Roger D. Baxter
10/29/2017 Adam Switzer
10/30/2017 James Gear
10/30/2017 Tammy Gibbons
10/31/2017 Sandy Sands










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