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Updated (02/10/2015)

Note:  There are times when maintenance is being performed on the the Google site. While the maintenance is being performed, you will receive an error message indicating that you do not have permission.  When this happens, check back at a later time to view the calendar.

Google Calendar Hints

To see the details of the Tournament, click on the specific tournament.

The default view is monthly.  agenda, which provides a scrollable list.  You can change your view. by clicking on one of the following tabs: Week (shows Sunday to Saturday) or Agenda (shows a scrollable list) calendar view.

In any view, you can  see the details of the tournament by clicking on the tournament.

Tournament Information

9-Game Tournaments are held at ecribbage.  The URL is:

The best 2-of-3 internet tournaments are held in the ACC room powered by  The ACC room can be reached from any link on the ACC Internet Pages or directly using the following URL:

Important: You cannot reach the ACC room from the normal site.

All times listed Eastern Time (New York) / Pacific (San Francisco).  Please arrive at least 10 minutes (preferably 30 minutes) before the scheduled start time to sign up.   The Tournament Directors will appear about 30 minutes before the start of the tourney.

Anyone can play, however to earn Internet Rating Points, you must be an ACC member with a certified screen name

Tournament Formats:

Best 2 of 3
Single elimination, best 2 out of 3 (25 min. time limit per match).  These tournaments are open to all only ACC-registered players earn IRPs.

9-game tournaments.
Effective 8/1/2014, all internet-registered players who earn 12 or more points earn IRPs.These tournaments are open to all only ACC-registered players earn IRPs.

Important:  No players will be added after the tournament rules are run!  Please arrive early.

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   Robert Milk (Advisor)
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Game Colony

   Gerald Oxford (Lead TD)
   Brad Gronli
   Tim Julkowski
   Alma Lace
   David Bowen


  Tammy Gibbons  (Lead TD)
  Julie Edwards
  Debra Lucas
  Ross Newmann
  Terry Higgins
  Deb Moulies
  Norm Thompson  
Damien Blond  
  Chris King    
  John Schafer