ACC Internet Cribbage

Standings Through July 31, 2011

(Updated 08/04/2011)

Note:  You earn IRPs during the first 125 tournaments in which you participated.  We encourage everyone to play as many tournaments as they desire. 

Name Screen Name Total IRPs Tournaments
Mike Fetchel mfetchCT425 1167 132
Tom Langford yanknshank29 945 125
Mark Van Dyke loosespokes 921 138
Sue Edwards CO434Sue 843 157
Timothy M. Julkowski Tim_Oregon2854 738 124
Rick Allen Excitations 705 117
William A. Schultz floydandzep 663 124
John Schafer netview85 633 111
James Gear Gearar7 618 127
Kelly Ann Burgar lil_thummper 597 126
Tom Cookman Teched2bhere 588 116
Rick Baird Rickyticky2201 570 75
Don Eastwood NC310 564 120
William MacMillan WY00191L 552 130
Richard May rcmay5 543 125
Richard Shea thirtyonefor14 534 115
Michelle Barthelmess Frazu2 531 130
Michael T. Burgess Redding_5943 510 122
Douglas I. Henderson dih1633 510 114
Bob Bousquet Sr. tinsmith 489 127
Pat Llewellyn pllew932 477 141
John Dellarsina ca2281 474 132
Howard Bunton cobrab_ 471 94
Jeff Crane jrc92155 468 148
Daniel Crete par121 450 125
Paul Gregson cornellbigred1999 447 91
David Hardy novatx237 447 125
Ed Bloom HeliumMan 432 126
Monica Newton oreo2757 429 111
Elizabeth Miller weezieboop 426 133
Dan Klein Dan_MI_601 423 177
Gerald D. Oxford jerryox 423 98
Jeff Gardner accoh157 417 86
Patricia Gossett xerotoo 414 129
David Draper drapes54 411 94
Allen Nypen A0939 411 109
Peggy Scalley pegs_crib 408 92
Mel Ashley Mellifluousone 399 87
Todd D. Wolfley Darth_Tater 393 149
David M. Landreth dmland12 390 60
Robert M. Maupin Fred451 390 124
Billy Barnes BillyCA5177 384 130
Howard Garvin Salthawk622 360 100
Bernard Whitfield mrbernard 351 84
Mark Lee Jarvie thepilgrim_MI 348 97
Virginia Grant OR1547 339 143
Paul Batterson CT31 336 81
Nancy R. Roncetti nunzia 318 107
Mike Rosenstock sirpegger 318 94
Don Gilder Rkck61 300 88


IRPs = Internet Rating Points earned this season
Ts = Tournaments played in this season

Use the four grey buttons at the bottom of the list to navigate forward and backward through the standings.

The player finishing the season with the most IRPs receives the title of Internet Champion. The ten players earning the most points receive All-Internet honors. Players finishing in the top 10% of all rated players receive an invitation to the ACC Tournament of Champions, held each year in Reno.

Click here for a complete explanation of the IRP system. Click here for instructions on reporting discrepancies in your IRP standings.

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