2014/2015 Season News

The ACC website cribbage.org has been updated with results from 17 tournaments. With just weeks to go before the end of the season, things are starting to get interesting. Duane W. Toll of Sutherlin, OR still leads, now with 2088 MRPs. Roland A. Hall of Napa, CA (1775 MRPs) is hot on his heels. Cy Madrone of Santa Barbara, CA is now in third place with 1645 followed closely by David Aiken of Ada, MI with 1636 and Larry Phifer of Raleigh, NC with 1617 MRPs. Ronald Morgan of Reno, NV and Tom Langford of Mckinleyville, CA both have over 1300 MRPs. Will Duane take the title again this year? He has a long way to go if he is going to break his 2011/2012 season total of 3,121 MRPs.

Have you completed plans for attending the 2015 Annual Grand National Tournament in Yankton, SD? On the north bank of the Missouri River, the City of Yankton served as the Capital for the Dakota Territory from 1861 to 1883. You can learn more or download a visitor's guide at http://www.visityanktonsd.com/.

For tournament results, MRP standings, Grass Roots news, and other interesting items related to the great game of cribbage see this month's Cribbage World.

Good luck pegging!

 2014/2015 Season News
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