2017/2018 Season News

The results from seventeen tournaments were posted in this update.

Roland A. Hall of Napa, CA moves into first place with 1,597 MRPs. Duane W. Toll of Sutherlin, OR, drops to second place with 1,399 MRPs. Erik Royland Locke of Wood Village, OR moves up the leader board into third place with 1,335 MRPs. Gordy Wise of Lakewood, WA (1,244 MRPs) and James Langley of Red Bluff, CA (1,217 MRPs) are in a close duel for fourth place.

Bob Bartosh of Sacramento, CA (1,071 MRPs), Robert Medeiros, of Dorchester, MA (1,046 MRPs), Jeremy Krieger of Salem, OR (1,033 MRPs), Cy Madrone of Santa Barbara, CA (1,002 MRPs), and Richard Hinrichs of Redding, CA (909 MRPs) round off the top ten spots. Diane Webster of Sutherlin, OR with 907 MRPs is just shy of tenth place by two points.

Emilio Perez of Waukegan, IL is the highest ranking player from the Central region with 861 MRPs.

Congrats to Marty Symons, Madras, OR and Rick Allen, Richmond, VA on achieving their Life Master ranking!

Only fifty-four more tournaments are yet to be played or added to the results before this season comes to an end. Good luck to everyone!

For tournament results, MRP standings, Grass Roots news, and other interesting items related to the great game of cribbage see this month's Cribbage World.

Good luck pegging!

 2017/2018 Season News
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