2016/2017 Season News

The latest update included results from 12 ACC sanctioned tournaments!

With only 27 more tourneys scheduled for this season, De Lynn Colvert of Missoula, MT remains at the top of the leader board with 1,528 MRPs. Cy Madrone of Santa Barbara, CA barely holds on to second place with 1,321 MRPs. James Langley of Red Bluff, CA is hot on his heels with 1,312 MRPs. Other likely candidates for the All American Team include Terry Weber (1,169 MRPs), Ira Deutsch (1,155 MRPs), Jeanne Jelke (1,077 MRPs) and Duane Toll (1,055 MRPs). Good luck as we head into July and the end of another cribbage season!

Congratulations to the newly elected BOD (unofficial): David Aiken, Rick Allen, Patrick Barrett, David Campbell, Willie Evans, Richard (Frosty) Frost, Jeff Gardner, Paul Gregson, Roland Hall, Don Hannula, Audrey Hatto, Jeanne Jelke, Pat Llewellyn, James Morrow, Valerie Nozick, Dave O'Neil, Todd Schaefer, Rick Shea, Jeff Shimp, Mark Soule, Valerie Sumner, Diane Waite, Terry Weber, Fred L. White, and Keith E. Widener. I hope we are able to continue to find ways to grow our membership and bring the grand game of Cribbage to new heights!

For tournament results, MRP standings, Grass Roots news, and other interesting items related to the great game of cribbage see this month's Cribbage World.

Good luck pegging!

 2016/2017 Season News
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