Cribbage Official Tournament Rules

These rules went into effect August 2010.

Aims and Objectives of the American Cribbage Congress

Code of Ethics

Rule 1. The Mechanics of Playing Cribbage

   1.1. Object of the Game
   1.2. Number of Players
   1.3. The Cards
   1.4. The Cribbage Board
   1.5. Outline of Playing Sequence
   1.6. Definitions
   1.7. Scoring Chart

Rule 2. Mixing the Cards

   2.1. Proper Mixing
   2.2. Pone’s Right to Shuffle Once
   2.3. Dealer’s Right to Shuffle Last

Rule 3. Cutting the Pack

   3.1. Procedure for Cutting the Pack
   3.2. Winner of the Deal
   3.3. Cutting before Each Deal

Rule 4. Dealing

   4.1. Order of Dealing
   4.2. Dealing the Cards
   4.3. Exposed Cards
   4.4. Incorrect Number of Cards in Hand or Crib
   4.5. Imperfect Pack

Rule 5. The Crib

   5.1. Placement
   5.2. Exposure

Rule 6. The Starter Card

   Rule 6.1. Cutting
   Rule 6.2. Exposing More than One Card
   Rule 6.3. Scoring When the Starter Card Is a Jack
   Rule 6.4. Placement of Deck after Cut

Rule 7. The Play

   Rule 7.1. The Order of Play
   Rule 7.2. Scoring
   Rule 7.3. Renege
   Rule 7.4. Incorrect Announcements

Rule 8. Pegging

   Rule 8.1. Recording Score on Board
   Rule 8.2. Zero Hand or Crib
   Rule 8.3. Pegging Incorrectly to the Player’s Disadvantage
   Rule 8.4. Pegging Incorrectly to the Player’s Advantage
   Rule 8.5. Improperly Removing Pegs
   Rule 8.6. Etiquette in Touching Pegs
   Rule 8.7. Dislodging Pegs
   Rule 8.8. Pegging With Opponent’s Pegs
   Rule 8.9. Recording Score in Wrong Track
   Rule 8.10. Pegging a "Go" before Announcement
   Rule 8.11. Failure to Place Peg in Game (Out) Hole

Rule 9. Counting and Recording Scores

   Rule 9.1. Exposure while Counting
   Rule 9.2. Order Of Counting
   Rule 9.3. The Starter Card
   Rule 9.4. Mixing Hand With Other Cards
   Rule 9.5. Assistance In Counting

Rule 10. Muggins

   Rule 10.1. When In Effect
   Rule 10.2. Situations That Apply
   Rule 10.3. Situations That Do Not Apply
   Rule 10.4. Calling Muggins

Rule 11. Penalties

   Rule 11.1. Scoring Penalties
   Rule 11.2. Mispegging a Penalty
   Rule 11.3. No Penalty on a Penalty
   Rule 11.4. Refusal to Conform to the Rules

Rule 12. Miscellaneous

   Rule 12.1. Recording Scores on Scorecards
   Rule 12.2. Forfeitures During Playoffs

Rule 13. Situations Not Covered in These Rules

Rule 14. Amendments

Cross-checking Guidelines

Play-off Brackets and Byes

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