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Tournament Flyers for the entire season.

2017/2018 Season

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Dates City St Tournament Results
Aug 3-4 Sacramento CA Sacramento Season Starter #1 View
Aug 4-6 Deer Lodge MT Territorial Prison Classic View
Aug 4-6 Black River Falls WI Steinmetz/Frosty Special View
Aug 4-6 Cheyenne WY Charlie Douthit Memorial View
Aug 5 Sacramento CA Sacramento Season Starter #2 View
Aug 6 Sacramento CA Sacramento Season Starter #3 View
Aug 6 Hartford CT Patriot Kickoff Classic View
Aug 11-13 Battle Creek MI Cereal City Cribbage Classic View
Aug 11-13 LaGrande OR Blue Mountain Open View
Aug 12 Surrey BC Gordon Reid Memorial View
Aug 18-20 Eureka CA Humboldt Bay Classic View
Aug 18-20 Atlanta GA Peach State Classic View
Aug 18-20 Madison WI Madision Masters View
Aug 20 Woonsocket RI Cribbage Ho'olaulea View
Aug 25-27 Pahrump NV Pahrump Open View
Aug 25-27 Tacoma WA Mt. Rainier Open View
Aug 25-27 Kenosha WI Brat Stop Open View
Aug 27 Brookline NH Daniel Webster Open View
Sep 1-3 Helena MT Montana Capital Classic View
Sep 1-3 North Bend OR Donna's Game View
Sep 4-5 North Bend OR Donna's Game 2 View
Sep 5-7 Lincoln City OR Grand National XXXVI Midweek View
Sep 8-10 Lincoln City OR Grand National XXXVI View
Sep 9 Lincoln City OR Youth Grand National  
Sep 15-17 Tracy CA Dick Hasties Memorial View
Sep 15-17 Boise ID Annual Gem State Classic View
Sep 16-17 Maplewood MN Minnesota Open View
Sep 22-24 Antioch CA Battle of the Bay View
Sep 22-24 Watersmeet MI Yooper Fall Classic View
Sep 29-Oct 1 Kissimmee FL Autumn Open View
Sep 30 West Covina CA Summer U.S. Open View
Oct 1 Brookline NH New Hampshire Open View
Oct 6-8 Duluth MN All American Classic View
Oct 6-8 Bend OR Mount Bachelor Challenge View
Oct 7 Napa CA Napa Wine Country Fall Open View
Oct 8 Puyallup WA Daffodil Express Open View
Oct 13-15 Crescent City CA Crescent City Open View
Oct 14 Ventura CA Gold Coast Classic View
Oct 15 Hartford CT The Nutmeg Open View
Oct 20-22 Lakewood CO Colorado Fall Classic View
Oct 20-22 Salem OR Salem Classic View
Oct 20-22 Lac Du Flambeau WI Wisconsin State Championship View
Oct 22 Malden MA Boston Regional View
Oct 27-28 Honolulu HI Abe Kealoha View
Oct 27-29 Carson City NV Fall Classic View
Oct 27-29 Long Beach WA World Championship View
Oct 27-29 Marinette WI North Pole Open View
Oct 29 West Covina CA Fall U.S. Open View
Nov 3-4 Fair Oaks CA River City Fall Classic View
Nov 3-5 Kissimmee FL Ray Wanke Tribute View
Nov 3-5 Missoula MT Montana Cribbage Championship View
Nov 5 West Springfield MA George Bickford Memorial View
Nov 8-10 Susanville CA Susanville Fall Classic View
Nov 10-12 Reno NV Veterans Day Classic View
Nov 11 Anchorage AK Anchorage Open View
Nov 11 Waterville ME Governor's Challenge View
Nov 13-15 Topaz NV Topaz Winter Cribbage View
Nov 17-19 Fort Morgan CO Fort Morgan Open View
Nov 17-19 Florence OR Three Rivers Open View
Nov 17-19 Virginia Beach VA Hampton Roads Pre-Turkey Shout Out View
Nov 19 Berlin CT Yankee Classic (Alkas Memorial) View
Nov 24-26 Grand Rapids MI Wishbone Open View
Nov 24-26 North Bend OR Thanksgiving Classic View
Nov 25 Grand Rapids MI Reindeer Games View
Dec 1-3 Kissimmee FL Lee Bailey Salute View
Dec 1-3 Marinette WI Jingle Bell Open View
Dec 8-10 Portland ME Casco Bay Challenge View
Dec 8-10 Roseburg OR Roseburg Xmas Special(CANCELLED)  
Dec 9 Antioch CA Santa Slam View
Dec 9 Antioch CA Youth Santa Slam  
Dec 9 Loveland CO Mountain View Challenge View
Dec 9 Honolulu HI Hawaii State Championship View
Dec 10 Kissimmee FL Santa Special View
Dec 16 Ventura CA Winter Solstice Open View
Dec 16 Portland OR December to Remember View
Dec 17 Bremerton WA Western Washington Open(CANCELLED)  
Dec 30 Wasilla AK 6th Annual Kaplan's Christmas View
Jan 4-5 Sacramento CA Sacramento 2018 Kickoff #1 View
Jan 5-7 Lake Delton WI Wisconsin Dells Deal View
Jan 6 Sacramento CA Sacramento 2018 Kickoff #2 View
Jan 7 Sacramento CA Sacramento 2018 Kickoff #3 View
Jan 7 Puyallup WA Daffodil Express Open View
Jan 12-14 Yuma AZ Yuma Snowbirds View
Jan 12-14 Williamsburg VA Virginia Cribbage Championship View
Jan 13-14 Forest Lake MN Winter Snowball Special View
Jan 19-21 La Mesa CA Peg for the Border View
Jan 19-21 Savannah GA Georgia Open View
Jan 19-21 Portland OR Portland Winter Open View
Jan 19-21 Marinette WI American Pride View
Jan 20-21 Placerville CA James Fanning Memorial View
Jan 26-28 Wolfeboro NH 9th Annual Medeiros Memorial View
Jan 27 Pahrump NV Patty's Pahrump Pegging Party View
Jan 28 Las Vegas NV Schaefer Shuffle Single View
Feb 2-4 Virginia Beach VA Hampton Roads View
Feb 3 Sunnyside WA Super Saturday View
Feb 3-4 Marina CA Pacific Coast Championship XXXII View
Feb 9-11 Las Vegas NV Schaefer Shuffle "West" CANCELLED  
Feb 10 Palmer AK We [Heart] Cribbage View
Feb 10 Orlando FL Greater Orlando Open View
Feb 10 Madison ME Legion Post Tourney CANCELLED  
Feb 10 Las Vegas NV Kate & Bella's Vegas Bash View
Feb 16-18 Roseburg OR Roseburg Sweetheart Special View
Feb 16-18 Green Bay WI Go Green Bay View
Feb 18 Honolulu HI Tsarkie Special View
Feb 23-25 Redding CA Northern California Open View
Feb 24 Grass Valley CA 25th Annual Sierra Youth  
Feb 26-28 Susanville CA Susanville Winter Classic View
Mar 2-4 Reno NV JPW/ACC Open View
Mar 5-7 Topaz NV Topaz Spring Cribbage View
Mar 10 Antioch CA Life After Reno View
Mar 16-18 Woodbury MN Capital City Cribbage View
Mar 16-18 Raleigh NC Raleigh March Madness View
Mar 16-18 Baker City OR Gene Sissel Memorial View
Mar 18 Blackstone MA Corned Beef & Cribbage View
Mar 18 Puyallup WA Daffodil Express Open View
Mar 23-25 Tempe AZ Roadrunner Classic View
Mar 23-25 Lakewood CO 21st Annual Colorado Winter Open View
Mar 23-25 Bend OR Oregon Championship View
Mar 23-25 Marinette WI Mick Michaelis Classic View
Mar 25 Honolulu HI March Madness View
Mar 30-Apr 1 Kissimmee FL Kissimmee Spring Open View
Apr 6-8 Duluth MN All American Club Classic View
Apr 6-8 Carson City NV West Spring Classic (Date Change) View
Apr 8 Brookline NH Granite State Classic View
Apr 13-15 Eureka CA Humboldt Bay Almost Spring (CANCELLED)  
Apr 13-15 Atlanta GA Bobby Stuart Atlantic Classic View
Apr 13-15 Centralia WA Washington Championship View
Apr 13-15 Eau Claire WI Eau Claire Cribbage Fest View
Apr 14 Fallbrook CA 17th Annual Fallbrook Avocado View
Apr 14 Cheyenne WY Stink Hole in the Wall Gang View
Apr 15 West Covina CA Winter US Open View
Apr 20-22 Battle Creek MI Michigan Open (Date Change) View
Apr 20-22 Madras OR Cascade Classic (DATE CHG) View
Apr 20-22 Black River Falls WI Black River Falls Open (Date Change) View
Apr 21 Anchorage AK Alaska State Championship View
Apr 21 Napa CA Napa's Wine Country (NEW LOCATION) View
Apr 22 Puyallup WA Daffodil Express Open View
Apr 27-29 Florence OR Three Rivers Open(CANCELLED)  
Apr 27-29 Waldport OR Alsea River Open View
Apr 27-29 Black River Falls WI Black River Country Classic View
Apr 28 Ware MA Weir River Cribbage Classic View
Apr 30 Newport OR Oregon Coast In-Betweener View
May 1-2 Newport OR Dean Bauman Memorial View
May 4-6 Lincoln City OR Oregon Coast Classic View
May 5 Paradise CA Para Pegs Youth Tournament  
May 11-13 Watersmeet MI Yooper Spring Classic (CANCELLED)  
May 12 Fair Oaks CA River City Open View
May 12 Ventura CA Channel Islands Open View
May 12 Loveland CO Mountain View Open View
May 13 Loveland CO Mountain View Open-Sunday View
May 17-18 Stevensville MI Michigan Cribbage Cup View
May 18-20 Eureka CA Humboldt Bay Spring Classic View
May 18-20 Stevensville MI Potawatomi Peggers Pow-Wow View
May 18-20 Winston-Salem NC 2018 NC Open View
May 18-20 Sunnyside WA Washington State Open View
May 19 El Dorado Hills CA 7th Cribbage Memorial Youth  
May 19 Honolulu HI May Flowers View
May 20 Hartford CT Connecticut Championship View
May 25-27 Spokane Valley WA Greater Spokane Valley Open View
May 25-27 Kenosha WI Brat Stop Open View
May 26 Escondido CA EEC Barnyard Bonanza View
May 27 Carlsbad CA Carlsbad Coastal Cribbage View
May 29-31 Missoula MT Missoula Midweek  
May 30-31 North Conway NH Memorial Midweek View
Jun 1 Longview WA Mt St Helen's View
Jun 1-3 Deer Lodge MT Deer Lodge Spring Roundup View
Jun 1-3 Lake Delton WI America's Dairyland View
Jun 2 North Conway NH Crusty's Revenge View
Jun 2-3 Longview WA Mt. Saint Helen's #2 View
Jun 3 North Conway NH Mount Washington Open View
Jun 5-7 Butte MT Copper City Classic View
Jun 8-10 Paradise CA Nugget Classic View
Jun 8-10 Helena MT Montana Eagle View
Jun 10 West Covina CA Spring U.S. Open View
Jun 10 Puyallup WA Daffodil Express Open View
Jun 15-17 Ishpeming MI Lake Superior Challenge View
Jun 15-17 Walla Walla WA Walla Walla Midsummer Classic  
Jun 21-22 Las Vegas NV Rampart Casino Open 4.5  
Jun 22-23 Medford OR Medford Cribbage  
Jun 22-24 Kissimmee FL Summer Bash Open (CANCELLED)  
Jun 22-24 Port St Lucie FL Treasure Coast Open View
Jun 22-24 Las Vegas NV Rampart Casino Open V  
Jun 22-24 Slinger WI Steinmetz/Frosty Shuffle View
Jun 24 Brookline NH Live Free or Die View
Jun 24 Medford OR Medford Cribbage Too  
Jun 27-29 Susanville CA Susanville Summer Classic  
Jun 29-Jul 1 Reno NV Independence Day Classic  
Jun 30 Palmer AK Midnight Sun ACC Open  
Jun 30 Reno NV Youth Grand National 2  
Jul 2-4 Topaz NV Topaz Summer  
Jul 7 Alta CA Run for the Gold  
Jul 7 Loveland CO Mountain View Classic  
Jul 8 Loveland CO Mountain View Classic  
Jul 8 Brookline NH Ho'olaulea IV  
Jul 13-15 Antioch CA Devil Mountain Caper  
Jul 13-15 Rockford IL Inaugural Marv Lang Memorial  
Jul 13-15 Bangor ME 3rd Annual Lobster Peg-off  
Jul 19-20 Wausau WI Midwest PreFinal  
Jul 20-22 Portland OR Portland Open Summer  
Jul 20-22 Wausau WI Midwest Finals  
Jul 26-27 Raleigh NC The Open Opener  
Jul 26-27 Sunnyside WA Week Day Challenge #16  
Jul 27-29 Sunnyside WA 17th Summer Classic  
Jul 27-30 Raleigh NC National Open  
Jul 27-31 Redding CA Jerry Montgomery Memorial  
July 28 Oceanside CA Oceanside First Annual High Roller  
Jul 29 Huntington Beach CA Surf City Season Ender  
Jul 29 Sunnyside WA Washington State  
Jul 30 Raleigh NC Come Monday  
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