Articles by John Chambers

Tip 1: How to count your hand
Tip 2: The non-dealer's lead card
Tip 3: Board strategy on the first deal
Tip 4: Discard problems
Tip 5: 5 as lead card
Tip 6: Average scoring
Tip 7: The start of the game
Tip 8: Playing your position and playing the odds
Tip 9: First Street
Tip 10: Second Street, part 1
Tip 11: Second Street, part 2
Tip 12: Third Street, part 1
Tip 13: Third Street, part 2
Tip 14: Fourth Street, part 1
Tip 15: Fourth Street, part 2
Tip 16: Fourth Street, part 3
Tip 17: The discard: two three-card runs
Tip 18: The discard: three pairs
Tip 19: The discard: two pairs royal
Tip 20: The discard: the nineteen hand

John Chambers has been active in cribbage for over twenty years, having been one of the original organizers of the American Cribbage Congress. He has directed several tournaments in New England. Chambers is author of Cribbage: A New Concept, from which these Playing Tips articles are excerpted.

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