Articles by George "Ras" Rasmussen

Tip 1: Discarding 8-8
Tip 2: Toss opponent K-6 or Q-9?
Tip 3: Tossing yourself 4-5 or 7-8
Tip 4: Toss opponent K-10 or K-9?
Tip 5: Toss yourself 5-K or 5-6?
Tip 6: Discarding to your own crib
Tip 7: Discarding to opponent's crib
Tip 8: Leading from 2-x-x-x
Tip 9: Double-Run Hypnosis!!
Tip 10: Small Hand Rule
Cribbage: game of chance or skill?

George "Ras" Rasmussen is a Life Master Two Stars, a four-time All-American, a former state champion in Montana, Virginia and Washington, and a Gold Award holder. He also directs the Washington State Championship, held each year in Centralia, Washington.

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